How To Make a Cheap, Simple and Easy Chicken Coop

- 25 September 2022 | 01:51

How to make a simple chicken coop does not require various special tools and is expensive in practice. In addition, the number of people who want to know how to make a simple chicken coop cannot be separated from the growing popularity of the trend of raising chickens, whether they focus on taking the meat or just the eggs.

It seems quite logical if you want to know how to make a simple chicken coop for many people. This is inseparable from the process of starting a chicken farming business, which does require a lot of capital, especially in terms of the cages used. Of course, rather than buying, it’s better to learn how to make a simple chicken coop, because it can reduce expenses that are a fairly large burden in this chicken farming business.

Before practicing how to make a simple chicken coop, it’s good to pay attention to things that are quite basic and important to understand.

Pay attention to the following before making a cage


Before making a chicken coop, make sure that you have counted the number of chickens you have. Because, this is to avoid chickens too stressed due to lack of flexibility in moving. For example, if you have 100 chickens, then you can build a cage with a size of 10 square meters.


Apart from the size, you also need to make sure that the position of the chicken coop does not disturb the local residents too much. Because, in addition to the unpleasant aroma, health factors are also at risk of being affected. Especially if the case is bird flu like a few years ago.

It is better if the chicken coop is made approximately 250 meters away. Also, make sure if you build a chicken coop that has a higher position, so that it doesn’t get flooded when it rains. Then try the chicken coop facing east, because it is good for the health of the chickens.


Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the material that will be used to make a simple cage. You can use materials such as plywood or bamboo. Besides being cheap, the material is easy to process in such a way that it becomes a suitable chicken coop.

How to Make a Simple Chicken Coop

1. Prepare tools and materials

The tools and materials needed to practice how to make a simple chicken coop start from a saw. This tool is used to cut blocks of wood or bamboo. Next, you need to prepare sandpaper, a hammer, small and medium-sized nails, a tape measure, and a pencil.

But there is one thing that is important to prepare, namely to use gloves, because there is still a risk of getting your hands exposed to fibers from wood or bamboo and can cause injuries.

2. Create a skeleton

Generally, the feet of the chicken coop are about 10 cm, unless you want to build a coop that does not have a floor. In addition, the number of legs of the chicken coop should be adjusted to the length of the cage itself.

The longer the cage, the more pairs of legs that need to be used to support the weight of the cage so that it stands firm. Then, when making the frame, don’t forget to measure the size of the roof.

3. Making the floor of the cage

If the skeleton part has been made in such a way, then next you need to measure the part of the cage floor. This stage is usually used in the type of chicken pieces or layers. Because, for this type of chicken, it will be very difficult to adapt in a cage that has an artificial floor.

When making the floor of the cage, try to have a sturdy construction. Because in addition to the legs in the cage, the floor also supports the overall weight of your pet chicken. If you use bamboo as the floor, make sure you have sanded the bamboo until it is smooth and cleaned of various sharp materials that can injure the chickens, and don’t be too tight when installing the floor, the goal is that chicken manure can more easily fall under the cage directly to the ground.

4. Making a cage wall

Generally, the walls of the chicken coop are made of bamboo which is about 2-3 cm in size. then for the length will adjust to the design you made earlier. In addition to using bamboo, you can also use wood.

Make sure this wall is not too high, because it will reduce the support power of the roof of the chicken coop that you make. Then, the walls of the cage also don’t need to be too tight, so that the air circulation of the chicken coop is maintained. While the last, don’t forget to make the cage door.

5. Making the roof of the cage

The material used to make the roof of the chicken coop can use plywood. The material is strong enough to withstand rain. However, there are other materials you can use, such as asbestos. This material can be a good alternative, because asbestos tends to easily channel heat and will be useful to warm the temperature of the chicken coop at night.

But make sure if the roof of the chicken coop is bigger than the frame. This is so that when it rains, rainwater does not seep into the cage. At the same time, this step is how to make a simple chicken coop. Those are some simple tips on how to make a simple chicken coop. So, good luck, thank you.


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