Clone Hero Chart Song Pack Free Download Guitar Hero

- 8 Oktober 2022 | 04:02

clone hero song pack? Guitar hero game lovers a series of musical rhythm games first published in 2005 by RedOctane and Harmonix, and distributed by Activision, in which players use guitar-shaped game controllers to simulate playing lead guitar, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar in various rock songs.Players will match notes scrolling across the screen to the colored fret keys on the controller, strum the controller in time for the music to score points, and keep the virtual audience excited.

How to download and play Guitar Hero on PC (Clone Hero)

Want to play guitar hero again? Eeh, no PS, don’t worry, you can play clone hero on PC with these steps:

  • Open the official clone hero website at
  • download the zip file then extract
  • app run
  • Clone Hero is ready to play

Confused because only a few songs can be played, follow these steps:

  1. open and download the song you want at or
  2. extract the file, and place it in the clone hero folder that you extracted earlier then place it in the songs folder (clonehero>songs)
  3. enter the clone hero application
  4. go to settings>general>scan songs
  5. your new song can be played.

How to add chart songs to Clone Hero

Make sure you already have the song downloaded from here or . I will show you how to use winrar. Please for those who don’t have winrar, download and install it first (search on google a lot) to make this tutorial easier.

Okay, here’s how:
1. Open the song that you downloaded
2. Click the folder inside, then click Extract To

3. Navigate to a folder called “songs” in the game directory of your clone hero folder (for example, I put the game clone hero directory on drive Z:/Clone hero/songs . see picture)

4. If you have, open the clone hero, and don’t forget to Scan Songs first via Settings in the game.

5. DoneYou can do the process of extracting many songs at once, then just scan the songs in the game. So as not to bother entering one by one. Mending immediately a lot of new scanned songs.

Clone Hero Song Pack Indonesia [Free Download]

If you don’t want to report, choose what songs you want to play and download, the Admin has prepared a pretty good and widely played songs pack, there are 193 songs consisting of anime, Indonesian, and other famous songs.

Clone Hero Song Pack List of Anime

The final word

So many reviews about  

Clone Hero Song Pack Indonesia Download , maybe some songs you can’t get here. but we have collected some of the most popular and most played songs and top searches. I hope this article can be useful. If there are problems and problems, please write in the comments column. don’t forget to share!


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